Making Of / 02 April 2020

These are all the Games that I've worked on at The Game Assembly, enjoy!

Project 6 - SPITE

My role mas mainly environment artist but I also did some character related work such as texturing the main characters.

Project 5 - CLOUD HEIST

This was the first time in a group project that I ever got to specialize as an environment artist. I did all the props for the first and last stage of the game as well as overseeing the lighting.


This was a fun little game about a man trying to save a village of frogs. My responsibility was to create and prop most of the dungeons but I also designed most of the characters.

Project 3 - FLICKER

Flicker was a really fun game to work on. At the time it felt like a passion project almost. My role in this project was varied, mostly focused on environments and props. 

Project 2 - DIRT BUSTER

In this project I worked a lot on concepting and backrounds.

Project 1 - BUISNESS INC

This is one of my absolute favourite projects that i've ever worked on. Mainly because it was the first project I did on The Game Assembly. We all cared so much about this game and I really think it shows in the final product.